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If your event calls for something completely unique and original, then our spiral candelabra may be just the thing you have been searching for! These gorgeous luminaries break away from standards by positioning each flickering flame in an up and down spiral position. Flat candle holders, arcs and tree shapes are beautiful, but our spiral candelabras are one of the most breathtaking models you will find anywhere. View our other floor candelabras.

Each is made of the same reliable commercial grade materials so the entire piece will last through many celebrations. The base is also similar to our other models, with four decorative feet that remain as short as possible so the unit stays upright without becoming an annoyance to party guests who pass by it. You can keep walkways and aisles clear while supplying the gentle light of a taper, pillar or votive candle.

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There is something enchanting about the look of natural lighting. Each flame seems to dance and move, throwing playful shadows throughout the area and giving off a welcomingly warm glow that can really enhance atmosphere. The spiral candelabra offers the same type of illumination, but does so in an entirely different way. Instead of a spread of wicks, the spiral position holds the candles in a cascading, curving row. That allows more light to be created at different levels using a single luminary. One spiral candelabra is a great way to brighten up dark corners or any shady areas in a room or outdoor space.

Just like simpler candelabra models, the spiral version is also extremely easy to customize. The adjustable base allows the lights to sit at different heights based on the needs of each venue they are used in. A long, slender middle provides a perfect place to tie on luxurious ribbons or bunches of flowers that match the event color scheme. Our spiral candelabra products come in four finishes: brass, nickel, onyx bronze and white. Each looks stunning no matter what color ribbon or blossom you attach to it. This allows every candelabra to be as versatile as possible so it blends beautifully in multiple settings.

Use a few of our spiral candelabras alone or combine with other models that feature matching styles to create an elaborate presentation. Each looks stunning whether it is sitting in a corner, along a straight wall or near a table in any venue. A convenient break down design allows the unit to be disassembled into smaller pieces for transport and storage. Assembly takes minimal time so you can get the lighting set up and focus energy on other vital areas of your event. With the protection of a two year limited warranty and a stunning design that will impress all your guests, our spiral candelabras are an excellent choice no matter why or what you are celebrating!

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