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If it will make your wedding ceremony, reception or major event more comfortable and visually appealing, then we carry it! Our “Other Equipment” category has all the odds and ends you need to put the finishing touches on the celebration. Most individuals initially think about the larger items they need to get started, such as arches, tables and centerpieces. While these are also extremely important, it is the smaller details that will really make your venue stand out.

Many of our products can serve multiple functions. These items are great for individuals planning a life milestone event however they can also be used by business owners to improve service and client satisfaction. No matter what your purpose may be, we can guide you to professional looking displays that will get your message across and add elegance to the setting.

This collection of items includes everything from kneeling benches to aisle rollers. Professional party planners and venue owners should consider adding these accessories to their equipment list. Our aisle roller makes unfurling the aisle runner simple. The handle makes gripping a larger rolled fabric convenient and allows the personal handling the task to easily maneuver the length to the left or right so it is centered properly. For a business, this could mean freeing up valuable minutes that can reduce overall costs.

Other Wedding Accessories

Our standard easel is a great all-purpose item that comes with adjustable pegs so you can display large photographs, collages or signs directing guests. The plain frame can be left alone or decorated in flowers and lights to draw more attention to the display. If you desire something a little more attention-grabbing, then you must see our unbreakable panel erasable LED board. The package includes hanging chain and multiple power options. Restaurant and bar owners can really appreciate the versatility of the board, which can be changed to display the current special or greetings to customers.

Along with display options, our “Other Equipment” category features a durable wishing well, stand and kneeling bench. Each is made of high quality materials and can be customized with fabric, flowers or lights. Our register stand can do double time as a guestbook table and podium. The angled top includes a short upward ledge that prevents material and writing utensils from slipping off. The shimmering metallic legs will draw the eyes so guests remember to stop by and sign their names. This item can also be placed in front of an audience so a speaker or presenter has a place to put their notes while they entertain or inform the crowd.

Make your next event even better by incorporating our unique accessories into the celebration. We can help you build atmosphere and give guests the best time possible. Many of our items are also ideal for businesses who want to find ways to impress and appease clientele.

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