Onyx Bronze or Rustic Candelabras

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Rustic Table Candelabras in Onyx Bronze

Rustic candelabras offer a way to combine stunning elegance with a primitive style. Our unique collection of rustic luminaries are sure to please. Each is made of commercial grade materials so you can enjoy them for many years. Even if you are only using your candelabra for a single event, you will definitely want to keep these to decorate your home or as an accessory for the next party, shower or other gathering you plan. Each is unique but has a friendly personality that is guaranteed to charm all who see it! View our other table candleabras.

Our Archive candelabra models come in three sizes and offer a rich dark brown hue and a gently organic design. The taller units feature sprouting vines that seem to grow off of each sturdy arm. The higher positioning elevates the candles so light is thrown further across longer tables and other surfaces. The 16” by 11” version remains low to give each guest a more intimate experience. The gentle flicker of a candle is the best way to set the mood for a cozy evening or a romantic event. Our Archive line is one of the best ways to incorporate rustic décor into your event while retaining that comfortable romance.

If you are looking for something lighter, our 1 light teardrop centerpiece in onyx bronze has a subtly rustic style to it that will blend with your existing décor. An elegant “S” shaped scroll piece stands upright to support the solitary teardrop votive holder. The graceful shape highlights the concave profile of the clear glass candle holder as well as the solid beads that dangle underneath it. All you need is a votive, LED light or floating candle and your luminary will look stunning.

Table Centerpieces at Discount Prices

Any of our rustic candelabras will work regardless of how earthy the nearby décor may be. If you plan on covering tables in gorgeous autumn leaves or lush pine boughs, these simple models will still look beautiful. Part of their charm lies in their versatility. Use them for multiple events with different styles and tones and watch as each blends perfectly. Add a few ribbons, blossoms or ivy to create a whole new color scheme without altering the candelabra itself.

You can buy our rustic candelabra products with confidence because each is constructed out of high quality materials that are intended to last a very long time. Most feature an all-metal design however some also utilize delicate glass components. We also sell replacement teardrop votive holders as well as chimneys that you can order along with your tabletop candelabra so you are never stuck without a replacement or accessory. Discover the natural beauty of a luxurious rustic candelabra!

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