Nickel & Silver Candelabras

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Enhance your setting with our exquisite collection of nickel and silver candelabras, designed to complement cool color schemes with their metallic shine and durable finishes. Our range offers various styles, from luxurious models adorned with crystal to simpler designs, ensuring a match for every decor preference and need.

Table Candelabras in Nickel/Silver

Invigorate your event or business by adding our gorgeous nickel and silver candelabra to the décor! This collection of gorgeous luminaries favors a cool metallic shine. Silver and nickel are often the best choice when utilizing a cool color scheme. This finish has a refreshing quality that can make the candelabra even more visually stunning. There is nothing nearly as eye-catching as the dancing highlights that form on flat and curved surfaces that are covered in a durable nickel or silver finish. View our other table candleabras.

Explore our nickel and silver category to find a tabletop candelabra that matches your needs as well as your décor preferences. Our models have every style you could possibly want, from the dramatic to the subtle. We offer a 24” and 40” Nikki model that combines the luxurious shimmer of silver tones alongside the icy texture of crystal. Each stands tall with five candle holders on top and a liberal draping of crystal strands. Large teardrop pieces also hang, highlighting the base of each luminary as it glows warmly above the chilling presentation.

Our basic candelabra doesn’t feature dangling pieces or glamorous crystal but it does offer a simpler design that would look right at home in a study or on your guest tables. Matching chimneys can protect the flickering flame while enhancing the shape of the piece. If you are in need of something that can hold flowers or other beautiful embellishments, then our 37” 5 light candelabra with bowl or the 30” nickel candelabra with bowl can provide you with that spare space. Each showcases a unique bowl which is attached to the top and perfect for flowers or other lightweight objects. Add a bit of color that will be showcased by the handsome reflection of fire and merriment seen around the candelabra’s exterior.

Elegant Table Centerpieces

If you desire something that is guaranteed to stand out, then our candelabra with hurricanes and crystal ball has a little bit of everything. This design stands at a tall 39”, proudly displaying four clear glass hurricanes. A large crystal sphere sits on top of the stem, taking the center stage position so it can catch as much candlelight as possible.

All of our tabletop candelabra (Nickel & Silver) are built to last, with high quality materials and durable parts. Explore our beautiful collection of nickel and silver candelabra as well as our list of convenient accessories. A reliable universal lighter or candle snuffer can be added to the order and will provide you with a hassle-free way to keep your luminaries glowing safely. We have everything you need, from candles to chimneys and spare votive holders. Find your new favorite centerpiece among our charming nickel and silver candelabras!

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