Glass LED Lanterns

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Glass LED lanterns look just as good as traditional lanterns that use wax or oil, but come with none of the headaches. Modern LED bulbs are becoming a popular choice when it comes to event décor. That’s because they are very reliable, compact in size and durable. The long lasting nature of the LED makes it a smart choice when you want to get a better value out of the lighting accessories you buy. Our glass LED lanterns present a beautiful way to brighten your venue with new LEDs while maintaining the tone or theme of your celebration!

Why use LED lanterns rather than those that use a real wax candle or oil? LED s stay cool so you don’t have to worry about guests being accidentally burned. They also require no open flame which means you can place them next to paper or fabrics with confidence. No flame also means no unpleasant smoke that can cause odors in your venue. And when you use LEDs, you never have to buy more matches or flammable oil. As long as you have batteries with life in them, you can turn these beautiful lights on for hours and hours! Guests will love the charming look while you love the hassle-free design that saves you time and keeps everyone safer during the festivities.

Our glass LED lantern collection features a wide range of styles. Traditionalists will love the hurricane lanterns which are available in bold red or solid black. This model looks like something you would see hanging outside of a lighthouse or barn. Each includes a round bottom, thick supports on the sides and a wire handle on top. Slender wires hug the clear globe tucked at the center, allowing gorgeous illumination to shine in all directions. Each measures 11.5” which is a great size for larger displays like a centerpiece but also works when used as accent décor.

If you prefer something simpler, try our school house lanterns. These include a globe at the center surrounded by two ribbons of metal. The base and cap are also metal along with a matching handle. Multiple variations are available in different sizes so you have options when choosing the best look for your tables, walls or open air venue.

Lovers of modern style will really appreciate our metal table top lanterns. These offer a more distinct look with three thick support legs that run from the table to the top of the lantern. The solid base is raised from the feet with a hurricane to protect the LED candle placed inside. A single band wraps around the top of the hurricane for added support. Wrap in flowers or leave as is for a minimalist look.

Our glass LED lantern collection is enormous and includes many more styles and sizes! Make sure you order early so you have time to experiment to find the best way to dress up these lovely luminaries. Many include cases of four or more so it’s easy to buy for venues of all sizes. Start shopping now to find the best LED lanterns with metal and glass components!

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