Disposable Wedding Cameras

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Disposable wedding cameras are a very popular feature in modern events. This unique addition creates an interactive element that guests love! It seems like everyone carries a digital camera or mobile phone with camera capability today. While that may seem sufficient, most brides and grooms find that it can be difficult to find out who took photos and how to get a copy. There are often many pictures taken that the couple may never see or never get access to.  Your professional wedding photographer will no doubt take great photos of the main aspects of your celebration, but they can’t be in multiple places at once. That means they will likely miss many funny and touching moments shared between friends and family during the event.

Our one-time use cameras are an easy way to capture more special moments during the most important day of your life! Guests will love grabbing a camera and snapping photos that otherwise would have been missed. Our models are built using lightweight plastic parts with a decorative cardboard exterior. This create the perfect balance of durability and visual appeal. Even the least tech savvy guest will have no trouble figuring out how to get a few great shots with these reliable little devices!

Along with a user friendly design, our single use cameras also include a built-in flash to provide better illumination when photographing in low lighting. They typically work within a few meters so your guests can easily capture portraits of individuals, couples or group shots.

To give you more options for your special day, we carry a huge selection of different disposable camera designs. Each style is unique and features a distinctive color scheme that matches many themes or styles. If you want something versatile, try any of our white or ivory disposable cameras. Some includes fine details like fluttering butterflies or swirling hearts.

We also list a number of solid color disposable cameras. These come in classic white, silver and ivory as well as unique hues like navy blue, fuchsia, purple, pink and pastel blue.  Some styles include a specific theme, like our elegant beach single use camera or our cherry blossom cameras.

Working these one-time use cameras into your celebration is easy! Just place on guest tables or on any surface guests will see and let guests grab them as they mingle. We recommend adding a sign with instructions so guests know that the cameras are there for their use and what to do with them at the end of the event. Browse our disposable wedding camera collection now to find the perfect design for your big day!

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