Acrylic & Mirror Candelabras

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Acrylic Table Candelabras

Most shoppers only think of glass, crystal and metal candelabras when they begin shopping for centerpieces and luminaries. Our website also carries a line of durable acrylic candelabra products that are just as beautiful to look at. These designs are extremely unique and feature physical attributes that some of our other models simply cannot offer. If you haven’t discovered the visual appeal of acrylic, now may be the time to start shopping! View our other table candleabras.

Our acrylic candelabras come in two main varieties: clear and mirror. The clear models feature robust and elegant shapes. The Illuminate collection showcases a broader, sleeker look with the Modern line while the Glow models showcase the other end of the spectrum with a slender profile and classic visual elements. Each is crystalline in texture and appearance and offers the same lightweight construction that only acrylic can supply.

Elegant Table Centerpieces

The illuminate line also includes the ivy tabletop candelabra, which has a very classic personality enhanced by a series of pinstripes that run vertically across the middle. The bottom is decorated in a luxurious ivy vine image that stands out when the unit is lit. The Ivy model and all other acrylic candelabra also offer a unique cavern that is cut at the bottom of each base. This space can be filled with a tealight candle or LED light. The illumination will appear to run up and down the soft edges to create a stunning outline that highlights all patterns and embellishments added to the acrylic surface.

Our acrylic candelabra collection also features dramatic mirror finish products. These include a similar shape and design as the clear versions but with a reflective surface. The solid mirror texture adds definition and highlights each dainty curve and arc so your guests can really appreciate the detail put into each arm and stem. The mirror version is also attractive because it will reflect nearby objects to enhance the presentation with many hues rather than just one or two.

Our acrylic products are packaged with durable poly bags that should be used to store them after the event. Each can be taken apart and slide inside the protective bag. The acrylic surface can be scratched if not properly maintained. We always recommend that customers keep their acrylic candelabra tucked inside the bag until it is time to get it out and use it. Chemicals should not be used to clean these models because it can discolor the exquisite surface. When properly maintained, you can get many events out of each acrylic candelabra you buy. Find a new way to impress your guests with these unique tabletop candelabra!

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