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Lighted Trees

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Lighted trees and branches are a one-of-a-kind event accessory that looks stunning on tables, counters and other surfaces. Add a unique touch to your venue with the natural look of a miniature tree! There’s something whimsical about tiny branches and the glow of Led lights. This collection includes an assortment of brilliant miniature and free standing lighted trees for your next celebration!

Our collection is separated into two main types: table trees and free standing trees. The smaller table version includes a sturdy base that allows the piece to stand upright even as the table wobbles or shifts as guests sit down. Each starts with a main stem, or trunk, and breaks out into a number of smaller, thinner branches that give it a full, natural look. The tip of each is adorned in an LED light. Our table trees are available in blue, green, white and fuchsia.

The larger version can be displayed right on the floor! Our free standing lighted trees come with a bigger base that provides added support for the taller, wider design. These look just like the small trees you might see growing on a manicured lawn or landscaped path. Each includes a main trunk and small branches in dark and light finishes with a different profile. Some are tapered like a classic pine while others are more dramatic, like our V-shaped blue blossom tree or our whimsical warm white green moss tree.

Along with entire tree accessories, this category also includes lighted branches. The branches are designed to fit inside a decorative container like a vase. They include organic looking lengths with dainty lights at each tip. Display as is or add your own personal touches like ribbons, cords and ornaments!  We even offer an elegant brown garland that will add a fun twist to your finished display! Browse our lighted tree and branch collection to discover nature-inspired event decorations for any occasion.

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