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Willow Candelabras

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Willow Candelabras at Wholesale Prices

You don’t need to host an outdoor event to incorporate the lovely shape and style of the weeping willow tree into your next event. Our line of willow candelabras offer a practical and eye-catching way to showcase your favorite arboreal symbol into any celebration! These designs offer subtle elegance as well as a modern appearance that works in any kind of venue. Assemble yours in a hall, church, restaurant or outside in the open air and it will look perfect every time! The beauty of our products lies in their high quality construction and extreme versatility. View our other floor candelabras.

Every willow candelabra we sell is made with commercial grade materials. That means these luminaries are prepared to serve businesses just as well as they do individuals. Venue owners and event planners can keep their clients satisfied with a wide selection of light source options. Individuals can enhance a personal gathering with the soft glow of dangling candles. A few simple ribbons, flowers or a light wreath can be attached to personalize the display. That means each time you use it, the willow candelabra can take on a whole new style! You will love recreating this gorgeous luminary for every upcoming event.

Commercial Quality Wedding Candelabras

Just like our other candelabra products, the willow line comes with many conveniences. The unit is designed to break down so you can quickly assemble or disassemble it anywhere. The smaller pieces are much easier to tuck away and transport or store when not in use. We also sell spare votive holders that are perfectly fitted to our willow candelabras. Even if one becomes damaged or goes missing, you can easily replace it without spending hours searching for the manufacturer. Explore our collection of candelabra accessories to find multi-packs or look for our bold crackled and colored votive holders.

The candelabra will adjust to the setting and placement as well. Our freestanding units are equipped with a stem adjustment that can set the top at different heights. Keep the candles safely away from the floor, decorations and clothing buy sliding the bar up or down a few inches as needed. We offer small single light freestanding models as well as more intricate 16 and 24 lantern models. Select the perfect willow candelabra based on the importance, style and lighting needs of your event.

Many of our candelabra products are coated in a protective acrylic layer. This is added to keep the surface looking pristine and prevent tarnishing that can sometimes occur over time. The best way to keep this coating in place is to only clean candelabra with a dry cloth. Chemicals and brass cleaner can strip away the acrylic and damage the exterior of the candelabra. When properly cleaned, stored and set up, our gorgeous luminaries can enhance any event. Find the perfect candelabra as well as candles to go with it be exploring our extensive online catalog!

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