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Remotes & Rechargeables

Flameless candles can make life easier when planning an event. When you really want to optimize your decorating time, consider choosing rechargeable and remote controlled candles! These models present the most advanced technologies in beautiful designs that will really wow your guests. You can save time before and after the celebration and your guests get a better overall experience.

Wax candles may be traditional, but they aren’t always easy. They require an open flame and can produce melted wax and smoke. Smoke can cause respiratory problems while melted wax can pool and spill on tables and even cause burns. Fire must be carefully monitored to ensure that it isn’t mishandled. Not to mention how easily a burning wick can accidentally go out when someone passes by too quickly or a breeze blows in an open window.

Our LED candles offer the same look with none of those problems! This collection offers a list of models that are gorgeous and provide additional savings in batteries you won’t have to buy. Simply charge them up and they are ready to use again! You don’t have to discard your candles or any batteries after each event.

Bisque straight edge LED candles are available in sets of three with 4”, 6” and 8” sizes. They produce a beautiful amber glow with flickering effect. If you want something with realistic detail, try our ivory wavy edge pillar candles. These are designed with an uneven rim that looks just like a candle that’s been slightly burned down. Our 12 piece case includes a remote control so you can turn the on and off at a distance.

Want more variety with your luminaries? Our color changing LED candles offer the perfect combination of look and functionality. Each set has a 3” diameter and full body glow. A remote control allows you to change colors so you can completely change the tone of the finished presentation. Set the mood for anything from a fancy wedding to a causal family dinner! This collection is also vanilla scented with a bisque color and five hour timer feature.

Our bisque wavy edge weather resistant LED candles offer a similarly colorful design that’s durable. Each luminary stands 6” tall on a flat base. The rim is uneven to look slightly melted with smooth curves that match the solid sides. This model also includes a color change function that uses a convenient remote control to choose from 12 different hues! All you need is three C batteries and you have the perfect mood lighting!

Our remote and rechargeable candles collection offers a long list of high quality luminaries that are perfect for any type of event. Find any size you want complete with multiple function remote controls and recharge capability that can save time, improve visual appeal and keep your guests safer. From straight to melted edge in ivory and bisque, there’s something for every taste. Explore our growing LED candle collection to find the perfect combination of features for your next big event!

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