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Pillar Candelabras

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Pillar Candelabras at Wholesale Prices 

Our online catalog includes many exquisite pillar candelabra that are perfect for any kind of event. The design is named for the type of candle it can hold. Many pillar models are also versatile and can accommodate a smaller candle with one of our gorgeous glass chimneys. They are just as decorative and built with the same high quality, commercial grade materials. That means you get a lovely luminary that is designed to last through many years of frequent use. View our other floor candelabras.

There are many varieties, from the simple single light aisle candelabra to the classic tree floor model. We even have something with a modern flourish, like our 5 light fan floor candelabra or the double ring unity model. A convertible unity version is also available and can make your ceremony even more special. Presentation is very important when planning something as significant as a wedding or anniversary party. You want to create the perfect atmosphere that will nurture new memories as they are created. Our pillar united candelabra are a great way to do just that!

If you need to brighten up a venue, our pillar models can do the job well. Place a spiral or tree candelabra in any dark corner and watch as the shadows fade. Everyone adores the natural flicker of a flame. For centuries, the crackling fire has been a symbol of home and hearth. It was often the one thing that kept the household warm and cozy. Our candelabras won’t generate significant heat, but they will recreate the essence of those times long past at your event.

Commercial Quality Wedding Candelabras

Most models can be taken apart to make cleanup and storage as simple as possible. Adjustable stems are included with most models as well so you can keep candles at a comfortable level. The surface of each pillar candelabra is coated in a durable acrylic coating, which is added to protect the coloration and prevent tarnishing. Customers are advised to avoid using brass cleaner or any other chemical on their purchases. Doing so can remove the acrylic layer and cause a loss of shine and color as well as deterioration. When properly maintained and cared for, our pillar candelabras will offer many years of beautiful illumination!

Begin shopping today to find the perfect way to light up your next event. Our pillar candelabra will look stunning at wedding ceremonies and receptions however they are also excellent luminaries for other types of gatherings. Church groups and venue owners can expand their décor collection by adding a few durable candelabra that can be used in ceremonies. Elegant candle arrangements are also ideal for important parties, dinners and holiday celebrations. Make sure your guests leave with fond memories of the great time they had by incorporating the rich, welcoming glow of candlelight in to your next gathering!

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, give us a call and we will match it!