Invitation Kits

Wedding Invitation Kits at Discount Prices 

Wedding invitations are one of the most important pre-event items you need. Some do not realize the importance of an appropriate invitation. This single piece of cardstock will provide all the necessary details your guests need to know when and where the event will commence. Those items alone are extremely important, but your invitations also say much more through the colors, patterns and overall style you choose when selecting stationary.

Every ceremony and reception is unique, and usually says something about the couple being honored. Get guests ready by choosing an invitation kit that sets the right mood. An elegant occasion might be best complemented by classic damask or charming scalloped accents. Sending something sleek and modern may not be a good way to prepare guests for a traditional theme. One the other hand, bold tones and playful embellishments are a great way to show guests that this will be an exciting event. So much is said when you look past the text, which is why our invitation kits offer an array of original designs. You can find something that will blend beautifully with your event décor and personal taste preferences.

Each kit contains everything you need to send out the invitation minus addresses and postage. Some are single sheets while others feature elaborate folders and gorgeous overlays with ribbons. The only things all of our designs have in common are the blank spaces. Each features plenty of room for long or short wording. You can create a custom invitation note that includes your specific event details along with any special message you would like to share. Add a meaningful quote or a line or two from your favorite love song. A personalized message will make the experience even more intimate and help set the right tone for your big day.

Do-It-Yourself Invitations

Print your invitations at home or take them to a professional. These kits are designed to work in almost any situation. Many also offer R.S.V.P. cards with matching smaller envelopes that fit comfortably inside the invitation envelope. Some kits are also packaged with matching seals that feature foil hearts and other romantic designs that will keep your invitations tucked away inside as they make their way to your friends, coworkers and family members. Each kit is designed to be affordable, convenient and to create the ideal presentation so they look professionally designed and printed no matter how you decide to fill them in.

Remember to explore our invitation kit collection as soon as possible so you can get your stationary ready long before the big day. Order a few extras just in case the guest list grows between now and the day you mail your invites. One or two spare invitations can also make excellent scrapbook and photo album additions. Keep one for yourself and give one to family members who are closest to the couple for their keepsake books and albums.

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