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Guestbooks are one of the first features to greet attendees at an event. This is a very popular tradition that is often found at wedding but can be used at any type of gathering. Birthday parties, holiday dinners, business events and anniversary parties are all a great time to incorporate a guestbook into your event accessory collection.

The classic guestbook is used to collect the names of guests who show up at the event. Many couples get creative by asking for other special notes from their friends and family members. Some add a short piece of advice, saying or other special missive related to the occasion. Others stick with simple names as a record of those who were present. The guestbook often becomes a timeless keepsake that the couple or person of honor takes with them for decades afterwards, which is why it’s so important to pick the right look and design for your celebration.

Our guestbook list has it all! We have traditional guestbooks that go with any décor style as well as some unusual alternatives that will add a unique touch to your event. Our classic styles include the Beverly Clark collection which are all absolutely fabulous! This brand carries some of the most luxurious and elegant styles imaginable. There’s the Gala which incorporates an overlay of bold black lace. The La Fleur is a simple white guestbook with a big flower blossom!

Some styles offer something different from the standard white or ivory cover look. The Beverly Clark Monroe guestbook comes in all black with a dazzling crystal embellishment. Our luxury cover with gold foil print guestbooks offer a basic, versatile style in your choice of navy, burgundy and green. A Bronze Elegance guestbook offers a richer, warmer color with amazing texture in three tones.

If you want something more modern to impress your guests, check out our “I Do” collection which is adorned in organza flowers in yellow, pink, champagne, green and blue.  The Butterfly Dreams books offer a similar mix of colors with dainty butterfly charms and ribbons. 

We also carry a few guestbook alternatives, like our message in a bottle kit which lets guests sign a scroll that fits inside a graceful clear bottle. Or you can use an “Our Journey Begins” kit which is perfect for destination weddings or events with a travel theme. Browse our growing collection today to find the perfect guestbook for your gathering!

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