Big Beautiful Bubbles!

Background Science: Bubbles are formed when a fluid and air are mixed together. Since they can not be dissolved fully into each other the air, which is lighter then water, will get trapped inside causing the surface tension of the water to be reduced resulting in a bubble formation.

We see bubbles everyday, mostly in the sink or bathtub. Bubbles are fun for all ages. Kids love them, adults love them and even your pet will have fun when you blow bubbles. Bubbles make a great party favor for any childs birthday and they also make for a beautiful and eloquent walk down the isle on your wedding day.

Bubbles can be fun to make and even more fun to blow. Try these quick and easy experiments at home with an adult and see how big your bubbles can get!

Bubble Recipe

Dish Detergent- 2 cups

Water- 6 cups

Light Corn Syrup- 3/4 cups

Shake up the solution and let is settle for at least four hours before use.


Hand Bubbles- See if you can make bubbles magically appear out of your own hand! Curl your fingers into the shape of an O and soak your hand in the bubble solution. Gently blow and see what you get! Try making different hand shapes or use two hands. Can Mom or Dad make a bigger hand bubble then you?

Double the Fun-Slowly blow a bubble with a bubble wand and then catch it gently so it rests on the wand. Place it on a surface that is covered in bubble solution. Then take a straw that has been dipped in bubble solution and carefully push it inside of the resting bubble. Try blowing a smaller bubble inside and then remove the straw. Can you make two bubbles in one?

Bubble Contest- See what objects around the house you can use to blow bubbles with. Coat hangers, spools of yarn, cookie cutters and even try cheerios! Who can blow the biggest bubble? Who can blow the tiniest bubble? Do the bubbles form a circle or do they stay the shape of the object you blow them from?


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