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Crystal Floor Candelabras

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Crystal Floor Candelabras at Discount Prices 

Exquisite and sophisticated, our crystal floor candelabra collection offers a number of gorgeous products that can make your event a little more memorable! The right level of lighting is extremely important at any gathering. Too little and your guests will feel like they are left in the dark. Too much and the area will feel more like an elementary school cafeteria. The natural flicker of candles is one of the best ways to set the right mood with a warm flame that makes guests feel comfortable while giving the atmosphere a pleasant quality. View our other floor candelabras.

If you really want to capture the visual appeal of the candelabra, then you must see our crystal models. These stunning luminaries take that pleasant, comfortable glow and enhance it with the dynamic twinkle of crystal. Each model is unique and favors both modern and traditional styles but still uses the same delightful crystal texture to enhance the setting. Our crystal tree offers an adjustable height that lets you elevate the cluster of playful crystalline fronds that sprout from the top. Each is fashioned out of a strand of clear acrylic beads to recreate the luxurious characteristics of crystal.

Our crystal ball candelabra is a second option that can also be adjusted. Instead of a spray of acrylic beads, this model is topped with a globe. The slender base and top make this a great choice for use in smaller venues or tight corners. The sphere top will but on a glorious performance as light emanates from within and around it.

Elegant Wedding Candelabras

We also offer a pair of high end floor candelabra models that feature exquisite detail and the lavish look of crystal. Ranging from 47” to 66”, these charming units stand upright from a wide base that rests comfortably on any flat surface. Each features a shimmering finish that complements the glassy top. A sphere of crystal along with cylindrical chimneys will glisten with a glamorous light after you carefully light each dainty wick contained within.

The larger model showcases the rich allure of antique gold, which is made even more visually appealing when viewed with clear crystal. Five 8” crystal balls rest comfortably on top. The golden finish creates unique shades and highlights while the textured orbs above enhance the captivating glow of candlelight. Add your own flourishes, such as holiday wreaths, bows or flowers which can be tied to the stem or hung from each curved arm. There are many ways to customize crystal candelabra, however many look perfect without any extra decoration. Real crystal generally comes at a higher price than some alternative décor items, but it is well worth the investment I you want the absolute best for your event or home.

The Lowest Price, Guaranteed.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered for lower price elsewhere, give us a call and we will match it!