Black Candelabras

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Black Table Candelabras

Black candelabras bring with them elegance and sophistication. There is something fascinating about the deep, dark personality of this popular color. Many brides and grooms often overlook such grim hues because they do not sound as though they would be appropriate for such an upbeat and generally bright event. The reality is that black has a way of bringing out all those vibrant colors. The key is to use ebony tones in the right quantities and to pair them with colors that they can enhance through contrast. Our exquisite black candelabras offer an excellent opportunity to show the world that black can actually be quite bright! View our other table candleabras.

Elegant Table Centerpieces

Our black candelabra category includes only a few products, but they can have a strong impact on the way your event is perceived. A 15” and a 17” tabletop model is available, each featuring a classic five candle layout. Dainty rings are molded into the dark stem to create a unique profile and add to the fine detail of each luminary. By themselves, these candelabras look beautiful but when you add to them they can look absolutely fabulous!

Use one of our black candelabras as your centerpiece and discover whole new ways to draw attention to your guest tables. A white table cloth looks even brighter as the charcoal-like base sits on top of it. A bold ribbon or gently colored flower petals will look even more appealing with a black backdrop. We do not recommend using too much black on black, unless you are organizing a Halloween party. Let the candelabra serve as a canvas for your other colors.

Tie a bow on the stem or add a bit of greenery and let the combination of brilliant hues and black work together. Add five candles to your black luminary and watch as the top glows warmly while firmly anchored to the strong design of the base. One model even includes crystal balls that can be set on top of each candle to create a handsome display your guests will love. The combination of sleek black and sparkling crystal will look so fascinating, it will be difficult for guests to resist the urge to touch each luxurious surface.

Our candelabra are more than just eye candy. Whether you go with one or our ebony models or something lighter or shinier, each is made to survive through many events and offer years of use. Many of our products are strong enough to survive in a commercial setting and will look just as good in your dining room or china cabinet as they did at the venue. Don’t forget to add candles and a lighter to your order so you have everything you need to get this gorgeous luminary glowing! Discover the true beauty of black with our traditional tabletop candelabras in alluring ebony!

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