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Unity Ceremony

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The unity candle is a popular feature in wedding ceremonies today. While this meaningful ritual seems like something created a long, long time ago, it is actually a relatively recent addition to the typical wedding. The process involves one larger candle, usually a pillar, and two smaller tapers. The tapers are lit the, during the ceremony, the bride and groom will each pick up a taper and light the single wick on the larger unity candle. The symbolism is quite touching and the activity creates a great opportunity to capture beautiful photographs of the couple as they become man and wife.

Our unity candle collection covers a lot of ground with distinctive visual elements and styles. We also carry unity candle accessories like candleholders designed just for this purpose! Our Double Ring unity and taper candle holder includes simple hoops that symbolize the engagement ring. Our dome unity candle holder offers a more modern look with two half circle arms supporting taper holders that are attached to the larger pillar platform at the center.

The actual candles are just as breathtaking! Beverly Clark appears again in all the brand’s bridal glory! Our Beverly Clark unity candles include the Venetian Elegance collection which include white pillars wrapped in ribbon and a gorgeous skirt of lace. The Tie the Knot collection is very simple with a length of ribbon knotted around the pillar – a basic look with lots of meaning for newlyweds!

Along with the gold, white and crystal of Beverly Clark, our unity candles also feature other styles. Our Flower of Love candle is decorated in stunning red rose embellishments with pale cord and a music sheet background. Our Calla Lily unity candle showcases this famous flower as a miniature porcelain bouquet.

We also present unity candle alternatives that are great for families who are blending as well as couples who want to do something different. Our Unity Sand kits include clear glass vases that hold colored sand. Each participant can pour colored sand into a main container to create a fabulous layered look that turns into a bridal keepsake! Our Unity Sand nesting vases include a set of 3 containers. Just add colored sand and you have a unique addition for your special day!

The unity candle can become a wedding keepsake that the couple takes with them as they begin a new life together. Our collection has something for every taste and decorative style. Explore our unity candle collection today to find the perfect style for your special event!

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