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Teardrop Candelabras

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Teardrop Candelabras at Wholesale Prices

Unbelievably elegant, our teardrop candelabras are one of the most graceful luminaries you can use at any event. These products are designed to leave a lasting impression while providing the same beautiful light that our other candelabra supply. The combination of strong metal and crystal clear glass can make a huge difference in your ceremony, party or other gathering. View our other floor candelabras.

This product list comes with many appealing features. Most of our teardrop candelabra offer the convenience of adjustable stems. Simply set the height and you can create the perfect atmosphere that is sure to keep your guests comfortable and happy. This category is just as diverse as the rest of our candelabra catalog. You will find massive 15 light fan models as well as those designed for three, five, seven or just one candle.

The teardrop design is named for the shape of the glass candle holder included with each candelabra. A clear glass bowl is bowed gently to from a wider rim and a broader bottom. The graceful contour gives way to a length of shapely glass that seems to dangle below the votive, even though it is one solid piece. The extension is fashioned into a double bead shape that creates even more lovely curves for light to reflect off of.

One of the most appealing aspects of the teardrop model is the versatility it offers. The glass votive holder can handle a standard or disposable votive as well as an LED light of similar size. You can also fill the crystalline cavity with water and a floating candle. The many options make these a great choice for party planners and venue owners who are looking for an easy way to make their service more appealing to customers. Offer your clients as many options as possible, starting with the beautiful lighting supplied by our flexible line of candelabras!

Commercial Quality Wedding Candelabras

Many of our teardrop units can be disassembled easily. This breakdown feature makes them much easier to store and transport. It would be terribly difficult to get the gorgeous 13 light tree floor candelabra into a vehicle without damaging it. When the unit is broken down, the smaller pieces offer a much more manageable way to store the product so it remains in mint condition for many years.

Each freestanding and aisle teardrop candelabra also offers a lengthy stem that is the perfect place to attach colorful embellishments. Brides can add a ribbon or bouquet that matches their color scheme. Wreaths can be applied during holiday celebrations. There are so many ways to customize the presentation each time you use our stunning teardrop candelabra. Purchase in pairs so you can build a symmetrical layout in any venue.