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Stunning Centerpieces

How to Make Ostrich Feather Centerpieces:

Ostrich Feather Centerpieces are one of the hottest trends in weddings today. While they look extravagant, they are actually very easy to assemble!


Eiffel Tower Vase - This tall, glass vase in white or clear is the perfect choice for feather centerpieces. The eiffel tower vase is also bottom heavy, so it does not tip over easily. Or for a different look, you may choose to substitute a trumpet vase.

Floralytes - Floralytes give an awesome glowing lighting effect when put inside eiffel tower vases! Floralytes are wireless, miniature, disposable, self-powered lighting units. While white is the most popular, floralytes also come in several other colors.

Ostrich Feathers - Ostrich plumes and drabs are perfect for centerpieces. For the fullest most plush look, you may want to use ostrich plumes. Ostrich feathers are most popular in white, but are available in just about any color imaginable.

Floral Foam Bouquet Holders - Foam bouquet holders are used to hold the ostrich feathers in place. The holders have stems which are placed into the eiffel tower vases.

Table Centerpiece Mirrors (optional) - You may wish to place the centerpieces on a table mirror to reflect the beauty of the arrangement.

Light Bases (optional) - While the floralytes do an excellent job of lighting these centerpieces up from the inside, you can use light bases for additional lighting.


1. Simply put the quill ends of the ostrich feathers into your foam bouquet holder. Starting at the bottom, move around the holders in a circular motion and upward direction until you reach the top. Use the larger feathers towards the bottom and the smaller as you reach the top.

2. Place the floralytes into the eiffel tower vase, then place the stem of the foam bouquet holder holding the feathers into the vase. Since floralytes have a small string attached, you may want to tie them to your floral stem so they will hang at the desired lengths in the vase.

3. For an even more stunning effect, you may want to place your feather centerpiece on a centerpiece mirror or a light base. You may also want to scatter acrylic crystal diamond confetti, and surround with battery tealights.

Plan to assemble your centerpieces several days before your event, especially if you want the feathers to get the desired slight arch. However, do not activate the floralytes until the actual day of your event.

How tall should my centerpieces be?

We recommend that the vases be 24" or 28" in height to avoid obstruction of guest view.

How many feathers do I need for each vase?

You will need at least 15-20 feathers per vase. For a fuller look, you can use as many as 40. For an optimal look, the feathers should be a range of slightly different sizes.

How many floralytes should I use in each vase?

Recommended usage based on eiffel tower vase size: 20" - 2 Floralytes per vase 24" - 2 Floralytes per vase 28" - 3 Floralytes per vase 32" - 3 Floralytes per vase

How long will the floralytes last?

Regular Use- Lasts 36-48 hours, one-time only use. Underwater Use- Lasts approx. 6-8 hours, one-time only use.

Can I re-use the centerpieces?

Yes! Eveything can be reused, except for the disposable floralytes. You can re-use these centerpieces again and again for special events. Or, if you prefer, you can resell your ostrich feather centerpieces after your big event and recover the majority of what you paid for them!

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These make gorgeous, elegant centerpieces for a Wedding Ceremony, Wedding Reception, Wedding Bridal Shower, Anniversary, Baby Shower, Baptism, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvah, Birthday, Confirmation, Communion, Corporate Event, Corporate Picnic, Engagement Ceremony, Family Reunion, Quinceanera, Miss Quince, High School Prom, Graduation, School Reunion, Sweet Sixteen, New Year's Eve Party, etc. These stunning wedding feather centerpieces add a spectacular ambiance to your event, guests really love them!