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If you have a guestbook, form or anything else guests need to fill out at your event, you need a pen set. This simple accessory looks fabulous and will serve a vital purpose. When guests happen by your guestbook table or podium, or wherever you want them to pen a note or name, you must have a writing utensil available. You can grab some basic office pens and toss them on the table, but this approach is lackluster and just doesn’t match the significance of the occasion.

Our pen and base sets offer a gorgeous alternative that is just as reliable as it is beautiful. The basic set consists of a base which rests right on the tabletop to provide an even surface. A cap rises from the base, usually extending out at a slight angle with the open end pointing up. The included pen can be slid into the cap so it remains upright between uses.

This approach is far better than laying pens flat on the table. The round shape will inevitably cause rolling, which means most of your writing utensils will end up becoming a tripping hazard on the floor. Loose pens are also more likely to go missing as guests accidentally take them with them. Our beautiful pen sets will remind guests to return their pen after use and provide a convenient place to set the pen so the next guest can find it.

We have a huge selection of styles for your celebration! Many can be matched up to your guestbooks so you get a complete wedding accessory set that looks custom made. We have basic white styles with square bases and ribbons, beadwork and lace. We also carry Beverly Clark pen sets which come in a number of distinctive styles.

The Monroe collection includes a ruby red pen base while the Gala includes the same black lace overlay that’s found on the matching guestbook. If you prefer something simpler, the brand’s Duchess or Royal Lace pen sets are just as detailed with a primarily white color scheme.

We also have other brands that look spectacular! Our cherry blossom pen set matches all of our cherry blossom wedding decorations. The Chocolate and Strawberry Cream satin wrapped pen base is a brilliant choice for couples who prefer a more modern look. If you want something timeless yet traditional, our Bridal Tapestry satin wrapped pen set in white is a must-see. Other styles include vintage rose, filigree, love bird, Fleur De Lis, beach, damask and winter themes. Search our enormous collection of guestbook pen sets to find the best companion piece for your guestbook or bridal stationary!

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