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LED Light Bases

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Event lighting comes in many sizes and shapes. While many think of the bigger items like string lights, globes and candleholders, there’s actually a whole world of event accessories out there that offer glowing detail. We offer a wide range of fabulous light options that will turn your venue and tables into a spectacular space for your guests to dine, socialize and celebrate! Many even give you more ways to get creative when you build centerpieces and accent décor.

Our LED light bases are one option that can turn a basic display into something breathtaking. Beautiful flower arrangements, feathers, vases and other components can look stunning on their own. A combination of color and texture will really add visual appeal. If you want to build atmosphere and excitement, then consider lighting up those elements with our LED light base!

What is a light base? This item is essentially a simple platform that is illuminated. Our Acolyte E-luminator centerpiece light base rests directly on the table. The edges are smooth with an even top that’s dark. A series of small openings reveal 13 LED bulbs. One row surrounds the edge with a plus sign near the center. This creates a balanced glow so you get proper lighting in a 360 degree circle.

To use your lighted centerpiece base, just place items on top and turn it on! Glass vases and similar components look amazing with light shining directly underneath. The lights create deep shadows and bold highlights so your guests get a good look at your carefully chosen décor. Our Acolyte E-luminator stands 1” high so your centerpiece stays close to the table. The 8” diameter is perfect for most vases and containers.

This model also includes an on/off switch so managing your lights is very easy. The super bright LEDs throw intense illumination using three AA batteries which are included when you order. Along with your centerpieces, this item can also be customized to match the tone or color scheme of your event. Simply apply a color film over the top of the base so it is directly on top of each LED bulb. This will change the light from white to whatever shade you prefer! When you’re done, just remove the filter and your centerpiece light base is back to its original look. 

Our lighting products are made to high standards so you can feel confident whether you order one or 100. This item include a low 12 unit minimum purchase so it’s easy to get what you need without over spending. Also check out our many other lighting products to find more ways to complement this one-of-a-kind event accessory!

You’ll love the way your party or wedding centerpieces look once you see them with their own light source! It’s like a miniature stage for your event décor. Start shopping now so you have your Acolyte E-luminator centerpiece light bases ready to go when it’s time to set up for your wedding, party, holiday dinner or whatever occasion you’re celebrating!