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Floral Stands

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Wholesale Floral Stands

lowest.pngAfter carefully choosing a fitting floral arrangement, it is vital to come up with a presentation that will make each bouquet stand out. Guests love to admire the flowers chosen for a wedding. This is one of the most diverse elements of the celebration because every couple or event planner will select something completely unique. Some favor one or two colors while others work in a rainbow of blossoms. Make sure your guests get a good look at each vibrant petal and lush leaf by visiting our floral stand category.

  • Rotationally molded from durable, 100% polyethylene to resist chips, scratches and cracks
  • Immune to water, ice and snow for indoor-outdoor placement
  • Available in white. ivory, granite, millstone, sandstone, blackstone, and custom colors
  • Low price guarantee
  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Made in the USA

This line of products includes simple items that can take your floral display to the next level. We have something for every style and price range. Each model is made of high quality polyethylene. That means it will not scratch, chip or crack easily. A strong exterior keeps your purchase looking perfect for many years, even when used frequently. Each surface is also water resistant so you can take them to outdoor venues. Although these items are not meant for permanent outdoor display, they can be safely enjoyed in the open air during each new event.

Floral Urns at Discount Prices

Many styles are offered, each presenting a unique personality and charm. Our garden urns include organic shapes raised around the bowl with a sleek square base. Smaller 10” and 11” models are also available with Grecian and classic patterns. There is a size to suit any need, starting as short as 10” and rising as high as a lofty 48”.

Our lovely urns are great for setting up on tables or atop pedestals. Visit our columns collection to find more ways to arrange these gorgeous containers. If you prefer a single piece that can stand on its own, check out the standing flower basket. This piece includes a luxurious wicker design that seems to weave its way around the entire surface. The standing version includes a cone shaped base, slim stem and attached bowl so you don’t have to purchase any extras to prepare your blossoms for viewing.

Our floral stands also include a line of sturdy centerpiece risers. These products are made of the same powerful polyethylene but offer a simpler function that includes a flat top and bottom. The wide base provides plenty of balance and support to keep your beautiful bouquet lifted up off the tabletop. We offer 24” and 36” models so you can find something that will look perfect and offer a comfortable arrangement for your guests.

Presentation is everything when planning a wedding or other important celebration. Stunning décor will have an impact on atmosphere and the way your guests experience each activity or ceremony. Our website can help you discover the items you need to make the occasion perfect without going beyond your budget. Give your flowers a place to be admired by exploring our floral stand collection.