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Crystal Centerpieces

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Nothing spells elegant like candlelight through crystal! Create that alluring glow at your party or wedding, in the reception area of your business, or in your home with our crystal centerpieces.

Our crystal candelabras elevate your flameless or wax candles (sold separately) in beautiful raised holders. Choose from various sizes of pedestal hurricane styles or crystal balls on nickel stands.

Our crystal candle holders come in different heights with finishes of nickel, gold and bronze for votives and tea lights. Use larger holders as centerpieces themselves, or scatter smaller ones among floral arrangements or feather centerpieces. Place as accents on side tables. Our nickel hanging votive holder works magic among the trees at an al fresco dinner, on a porch or alcove, or among white lights at a dance!

So versatile you’ll never have to wonder what to do with them after your event is over, these crystal treasures will be at home in many decorating scenarios.

There is something alluring about the twinkle of crystal. That’s why so many brides, grooms and event planners choose to add this type of accessory to their décor list. It may not be the cheapest material out there, but it is one of the most beautiful. We offer a huge selection of affordable crystal pieces that will dazzle guests and add atmosphere through delightful reflections and fascinating designs.

Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, shower, milestone birthday or holiday event, we have gorgeous products that will make the occasion shine. Each is made with high quality materials and feature durable arrangements that can be used again and again. Purchase enough for your next major event then save them for other special occasions you host along the way! With proper care and handling you can enjoy your crystal pieces for years.

These products are also perfect for business settings. Add sophistication to a waiting room or lobby by incorporating a few candelabra or candle holders with the icy sparkle of crystal. Restaurant owners and caterers can improve their service offerings by dressing up the dining space with a few of our lovely accents. The longevity of the product makes it a cost effective way to leave a lasting impression on clients and customers!

We have something for every style preference. Do you adore traditional elements? Then our hurricane and candelabra combinations are an excellent choice. If you desire something more unique then our branch or crystal ball candelabrum will catch your eye. From contemporary columns to organic tree arrangements, our crystal collection offers something for every occasion.

Our candle holder collection is just as diverse. Many pieces incorporate both sleek metals and crystal to build a stunning contrast of textures your guests or clients will adore. From dainty votive holders to larger pillar holders, we have the right size and shape to accommodate the needs of any surface. We even offer a hanging votive holder in nickel as well as charming tabletop lamp style holders.

Let us help you find the perfect crystal additions to go with your venue or business. Each item is made to high standards with the finest quality materials. Many include finishes in nickel, gold or bronze so you have even more ways to add variety to your dining or party space.

Don’t forget to browse our other collections to find components that can be used to build the ultimate centerpieces! We also carry gorgeous mirrors, diamond confetti, Floralytes and table coverings so you can find everything you need in one place. Our lists also feature high quality wax and LED candles so you can illuminate your crystal accents. Give your guests or customers the most exquisite presentation possible. No matter what the occasion may be, our luxurious pieces offer an affordable way to make the event one to remember!