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Classic Series

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Classic Columns at Wholesale Prices

lowest.pngOur classic columns will give your guests the best of everything. These pieces are breathtaking and can be customized in many ways. Each features a lovely profile and simple patterns that blend with any setting. Create a charming modern arrangement or fortify traditional undertones by incorporating multiple columns into your décor.

  • Rotationally molded from durable, 100% polyethylene to resist chips, scratches and cracks
  • Immune to water, ice and snow for indoor-outdoor placement
  • Available in white. ivory, granite, millstone, sandstone, blackstone, and custom colors
  • Doric Columns have a fitted round cap and base, and are 9" in diameter
  • Classic Fluted Pedestals are 9.5" in diameter, have fitted base and may be fitted interchangeably with round, square, or ionic cap
  • 6 month limited warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Low price guarantee

There is something for every part of your celebration available among our Classic Series line. These columns also can be used to nicely accent our wedding colonnade line. Variety is important because no two venues are exactly the same. Some require shorter decorations while others are lofty and will dwarf smaller pieces. We have you covered with a wide range of sizes that come at affordable prices. Create a unique display by working in multiple sizes so you can add layers and depth.

Wedding Columns at Discount Prices

Each of our columns are convenient to use. They are designed to be as lightweight as possible so a single person can quickly move or set them up. Less energy and time required to prepare or clean up can make the entire process less stressful. Business owners can save money with these gorgeous pieces because each is budget-friendly and flexible for almost any purpose. Restaurants can add refinement to dining rooms while venue owners and event planners can give clients everything they want and more!

Whether you are an individual, couple or business looking for decorations, you will find a beautiful array of classic designs here. These models feature simple square bases with gentle double layers that transition into each end. The middle is covered in even grooves that form a handsome repeating pattern the entire way around. Size options start at approximately 18” and go as high as 96” so you can easily fit columns to doorways, aisles, walls or other important areas.

This category also includes matching capitals that can be added to many of our columns. The interchangeable capital makes it easy to change the look of the column for each new event or client without buying a whole new unit. Both pieces are made with long lasting polyethylene, which won’t chip or scratch. The surface is also water resistant so you can temporarily display each piece outside.

Set up your columns then let your imagination take over! These unique accents have tons of potential. Fabric and lights can be wrapped around the entire length or draped over the top to create a lovely curtain of color. Shorter pieces can be adorned in a bouquet of flowers or small sculptures. We also offer many beautiful urns that can be placed on top of the capital to create a freestanding display. The hard surface can be painted so you can completely change the tone and mood of the presentation by adding custom colors or add unique symbols, patterns or text. Begin building the ultimate display for your event, customers or place of business. You may also want to check out our popular empire wedding columns.

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