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Wholesale Wedding Chuppahs

The chuppah has been a Jewish tradition for centuries. This piece includes four supports and a canopy that shelters the bride and groom during the ceremony. Modern couples still incorporate this element into their event. It is meaningful, but also visually stunning. Much like the wedding arch, the chuppah has a lovely appearance that creates the perfect backdrop for photographs during each part of the ceremony as well as afterwards.

Our products are designed to offer years of blissful celebration. When properly cared for and stored, each will be ready for the next wedding or any other event that calls for a canopy or shelter. We carry a number of eye-catching styles that will blend with your existing décor. Once you begin browsing, you may find inspiration for new ways to enhance the festivities with smaller embellishments that can be attached to the piece or set close by it.

Wedding Canopies at Discount Prices

The classic Roman gazebo has a luxurious personality that begins with 8’ columns. All four pillars sit at the corner of a ladder style roof. This unit is gorgeous in open air settings, especially alone waterways or at the sea shore. An equally stunning lattice canopy is also available that has a completely different personality with just as much visual appeal. This model is squared at each corner, covered in a gentle latticework from top to bottom.

Our latticework models come in three sizes. We also carry kits with matching canopies so you can complete the arrangement without purchasing extra materials. Whether you use with fabric or decorate in ivy vines, flowers or ribbons, your chuppah will make the ceremony a breathtaking event to behold!

Couples or individuals who want something more extravagant should view the deluxe canopy. This item measures 84” by 84” with a height of 85”. The design is solid, but also convenient and mobile. The pieces can be put together without buying hardware or bringing heavy tools. Setup and tear down takes minutes so you can move on to other things.

Some of the finest wedding photos were taken under a chuppah. Our products were made with modern conveniences in mind. You can easily maintain your decoration without building permanent structures or buying expensive equipment to put it up or take it down. Many customization options are also offered simply by twisting sheer fabric or vines around each leg or draping a length of flowers across the top. Let our chuppah and gazebos provide you with a captivating canvas to create the perfect wedding arrangement upon! Don’t forget to make time for photographs under the canopy before or after the ceremony. Also stop by our other event accessory categories to find more ways to make your event a huge success!

Get The Lowest Price, without sacrificing quality.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered at a lower price elsewhere, give us a call and we will match it!