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LED Light Strings (Battery Operated)

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Battery operated LED light strands are a more convenient alternative to string lights that require electricity. Anytime you use lighting, you have to have a power source. Traditionally, string lights usually required a plug to keep them glowing. That’s simple enough, unless you’re in a situation where you are celebrating in a venue with limited access to power outlets. Then there are other spaces that may not have an outlet anywhere near by, like outdoor venues. Our battery operated lights offer a smart solution that looks just as amazing as the electric variety!

As long as you have a set of batteries ready to go, you can turn your lights on! We offer a huge selection of colors, styles and sizes so you can find the ideal fit for your venue. Whether you’re hosting a gathering in a small dining room or a big, sprawling hall, you’ll find what you need in our LED light collection. 

Cool white light strings are a popular choice because of their versatility. They produce an icy light that is stunning in a wedding, shower or other high class event. They blend well with any color scheme you choose. Our battery operated LED white lights are particularly appealing because this type of technology produces such a brilliant shine in such a compact bulb. 

Our micro LED light strings are a great choice when you want cool white. These come in 36”, 48” and 60” sizes. Each consists of a silver wire with equal spacing of each bulb. This model uses AA batteries to operate. Some include a handy timer feature that turns the lights on automatically then off again so you can set them up in advance. It’s a great way to save time and stress less on the day of your big event! We also offer cool white lights with outdoor micro LED bulbs. This model measures 10’ and includes 30 lights per string.

The right color is important when choosing string lights. Our battery operated collection offers a variety of hues so you can match them up to any theme or pattern you choose. There are beautiful blue multifunction light strings as well as green, red and warm white versions. Combine red and green to make a festive display for Christmas or choose warm white to match up with a warmer color scheme.

Rainbow string lights are another choice that is a must-see for birthdays, bachelorette parties and evening picnics. Instead of settling for one color you can have them all on each string! This model includes a 12” lead wire with bulbs in red, yellow, green and blue. 

No matter how you display them, our battery operated lights will look fabulous! Drape over windows or along walls or use to decorate shrubs and trees. They also look amazing when coiled around a column or wedding arch. Start measuring your venue now so you know how many cases of battery operated LED light strands you need to decorate for your wedding or party!