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Balustrades at Wholesale Prices 

The balustrade is an exquisite part of any décor setup. This piece is best described as an elegant railing that can be set up within colonnades, around tables or near any other object. Each features a top and bottom length that displays a series of evenly spaced supports that sit vertically between each piece. Larger pedestals are placed at intervals to keep the structure upright and provide even more visual appeal with gorgeous patterns and a space for objects on top.

Our products are inspired by ancient architecture but come with all the modern conveniences you could ever want. Many modern couples and party planners have found that traditional designs work wonders in almost any setting. A classic embellishment will instantly add class and sophistication to the venue. Each item you find here is designed to be versatile while offering a unique appearance that your guests will immediately fall in love with as they observe the ceremony, file into the reception hall or take a seat during any other significant occasion.

We carry sets as well as individual accessories that can be used to enhance your balustrade. Each is made of reliable polyethylene so it will last through many celebrations and still look perfect. The exterior is durable and won’t scratch, chip or crack during regular use. The surface is also water resistant, which makes these ideal for outdoor festivities. Customers should note that our polyethylene accents are only meant for temporary outside display. We recommend bringing them indoors when not in use.

Discount Ballustrade Packages

Our eight and ten piece kits include everything you need to set up the basic balustrade. These are straight pieces that can be used to add depth to colonnades and arches or set in front of objects such as tables or key areas in your venue. This category also features corners with two balusters that can be attached at one or both ends to smooth out edges and direct the unit around obstacles. Each corner is sold separately so you can purchase exact quantities.

The baluster looks stunning by itself, but you can further customize it to add your event color scheme or theme-related elements. Fabric, lights, ribbons and foliage can be entwined among the balusters or wrapped around the upper rail. You will also find a collection of alluring urns that are made of the same polyethylene and utilize patterns that complement the balustrade. A few urns placed atop the wider supports can be filled with flowers, ivy or anything else to complexly change the tone and style of the finished display.

Whether you use it alone or with our many accessories, your balustrade will be a big hit. This product is made to last. Each piece is lightweight so one person can easily move and set it up. Save time during preparations and clean up without sacrificing the overall quality of your décor. Our balustrades are an affordable way to customize the look and layout of your venue.

Get The Lowest Price, without sacrificing quality.

Our products are priced so competitively, if you do find the same item offered at a lower price elsewhere, give us a call and we will match it!